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Effective communication and facilitation are a integral to our work.  They are key to building relationships with our clients and peers, and promoting outcomes that are enabling to all parties.    


We  have extensive experience with communication and facilitation in a wide range of cultural and organisational settings, and focusing on environmental and sustainability-related matters.  We provide communication and facilitation support at all levels and for all audiences.  We also offer a range of services in alternative dispute resolution in the environmental arena, including facilitation, conciliation and mediation.

We create spaces that are safe and fun for groups needing to workshop issues and ideas. We affirm the best and build on the rest in ways that foster team learning and organisational capacity.

We can facilitate one-off meetings or workshops, or work with you to develop a series of working sessions with your team, with different people and groups or in a public forum. We can help you generate ideas, critique options, develop action plans and more, on a wide range of environmental and sustainability-related issues for government agencies, businesses and non-profit organisations.



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