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Capacity-building is an integral part of our approach to working with all our clients and stakeholders.  We work with you, not for you, because we want everyone to have learned their way through the project. this makes it easier for our clients to understand and use the work we produce with them.

We work collaboratively with our clients on a journey of shared learning to ensure our findings meet your needs. Presenting our findings in an interactive workshop with you is our preferred way of handing over our reports – everyone enjoys it and we celebrate our project’s success.

Formal training is another way of collating a dispersed body of knowledge, creating new knowledge and working with practitioners of all kinds to build on their existing practical skills and knowledge. We can deliver training on your behalf, or build your capacity to deliver your own training.

We use best practice adult learning techniques to engage and interact with our trainees. Our relaxed style puts them at ease in the classroom and on site, and can develop interactive online training to complement traditional training. Our experience with evaluation also means we can also evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment of training programmes.

Some of our existing training programmes include:




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