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Long Bay Structure Plan Monitoring Framework

Long Bay is a semi-rural and remnant green field development area in the North of Auckland.  The area has a strong stakeholder focus - mainly because of its natural beauty, recreational values and ecological sensitivities.  In the courts for over 10 years, the Long Bay Structure Plan (LBSP) controls proposed development.  One of its strengths is its strong low impact urban design focus.  


In light of strong stakeholder interest, The Auckland Council commissioned this study to explore a proposed monitoring framework for the LBSP to help evaluate the many objectives the plan has across the four wellbeings, including social, cultural, environmental and economic.


Click here to download PDF.

Seven steps to successful environmental training programs

Following many years of experience in environmental training, Clare Feeney has written a guide on how to do it.  This practical workbook is essential for anyone wanting to create a successful environmental training program that can make a difference - while building lasting partnerships between government, business and the community.  


It contains over 23 worksheets and a wealth of practical knowledge based on a highly successful program of over 20-years duration as well as a range of other programs.


For more details, please go to Clare’s click here.