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focus: environment and sustainability

Managing the environment and organisations with sustainability at heart is our passion.  Working with our clients to achieve this goal is our mission.

Environment and Business Group (ebg) is a group of experienced environment and sustainability consultants and educators.  We focus on integrated land/water management and sustainability from a strategic and practical viewpoint, helping you to:


Long Bay Structure Plan Monitoring Framework

Completed in 2011, this framework sets out an approach to monitor the effectiveness of the Long Bay Structure Plan - a land use plan with strong sustainability-based approach.

7 Steps to an Environmental Training Program

This practical workbook is essential for anyone wanting to create a successful environmental training program that can make a difference - while building lasting partnerships between government, business and the community.


working with you

We offer a wealth of hands-on experience and expertise across all sectors of society - be it government, businesses or not for profit organisations.  

We work with our clients in a cooperative manner, facilitating solutions that will work for you and building your capacity so that you can implement and evaluate solutions under your own steam.

What are your organisation’s issues and risks?  We will welcome working together with you to transform them into new opportunities.